Town Hall 9 Farming Base Ideas For Real Clasher

A farming base is the one which allows you to collect a lot of resources. Of course, farming means growing resources in case of Clash of Clans. There are quite a lot of town hall 9 farming base concepts available in the web but only a few of them actually are farming bases. If a farming base protects you from enemies and safeguards your resources, it can be called a real farming base.

Moreover, a town hall 9 farming base should also reward you with shields so that you can let your mind be at peace while not playing the game. The December update has made a lot of changes in the way clashers get awarded. Now, you don’t get an easy shield for having your town hall destroyed and if your town hall is destroyed, you will lose almost 40% of your resources so the old farming base principles won’t be able to make it now on.

Town Hall 9 Farming Base Efficiency

The main idea of a nice town hall 9 farming base is that your town hall should be placed in the middle of the village and somehow, your base should look ugly so noone will ever think of deploying his troops around your town. To know if you have a good town hall 9 farming base, check the defense logs and see how much resources you are losing in each attack triggered by your opponent. If it’s more, your farming base isn’t that great but if the figures appear low, you are going the right way.

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Protecting Resources With Town Hall 9 Farming Base

From town hall 9, you will need a lot of resources to complete those upgrades. On the other hand, the upgrades take long to complete so you must have ample resources at all times to advance through the game quickly. Hence, a worthy town hall 9 farming base should always keep your resources at one place and it should also make your attacker use 33% of his troops. That way, your resources will be safe and on the other hand, you will also get a shield.

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Conditions For Good Harvest From Town Hall 9 Farming Base

  1. Your attacker must spend not less than 33% of his soldiers.
  2. Your legendary town hall 9 should remain safe and sound along with the resource storages and collectors.

Sneak Peak

Wanna know how a town hall 9 farming base looks like?

Town Hall 9 Farming Base
Town Hall 9 Farming Base

The above mentioned town hall 9 farming base has a spring trap wall of either side and an indestructible heart powered by the Archer Queen and the legendary clan castle. Don’t see anything around the air-sweeper? Truth be told, it is surrounded by the seeking air mines so no worries even if the air troops advance into the center of your town. The skeleton army will help you flush away the remaining troops struggling to reach your town hall.

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