Latest Town Hall 7 or TH7 Farming Bases

TH7 Farming Base :- Don’t you feel like it’s time to try out a few shiny, new, stylish and insanely awarding bases on Clash of Clans.

There have been quite a few changes on the shield system of Clash of Clans so you might have noticed that your lovely ‘my Town Hall is out there’ strategy ain’t that effective no more.

TH7 Farming Base

From now, stop hoping for a quick shield like a lazy guy as you are not awarded shields for just having your your Town Hall destroyed by your opponent. Moreover, your town hall has considerable amount of your resources so you can’t let it go that easy.

Building a farming base in town hall 7 has become quite tough after the December update in 2015. Should you be wanting to build a farming base in 2016 or 2017, you must bring your town hall inside and create a unique and unbeatable layout. However, that’s the bad news but the good news is that you can still build a perfect farming base in 2016 for town hall 7 and I’m gonna show you how…

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Farming Base

Do you know what a farming base actually is? Well, it’s something that rewards you with mouth-watering stuffs when an attacker swings by your village. Learn more about town hall 7 farming bases below.

Town Hall 7 Farming Base Concept

We’ve got a new concept here. Just forget about keeping your town hall at the corner of the screen to lure your attacker and get a quick shield. In 2016, you can get a shield only if the attacker banishes up 30% of the structures in your village or also, if the attacker uses 33% of his total battalion.

In short, you have to make your attackers push down a considerable amount of troops for bringing down your structures for you to be awarded a nice shield.

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The December update nearly brought an earthquake the other year and yeah, the gamers had started to think about new layouts to get ‘used to’ with the system but in vain.

For TH7 farming base, there are a few concepts like exposing town hall with a heck lot of traps, exposing the town hall surrounded by crappy buildings and ‘not much’ exposed town hall.

Here’s one of the most amazing TH7 farming base

For instance, the base shown below safeguards all of your resources. You can attack others keeping your mind at rest and for sure, no one’s gonna take away your resources because you have that ‘shield’ thing.

TH7 Farming Base - anti-dragon
TH7 Farming Base

Town Hall 7 or TH7 Farming Base Pros

After the December update, building a town hall 7 farming base has become really difficult. You have to keep a few things in mind (already mentioned) and place the buildings in your village. The town hall 7 farming bases which are available now are not that much popular so you can surely sprinkle sand in your opponent’s eye by trying them out.

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