Clash of Clans Tower bombs

Clash of clans is quite a famous game which has been divided into various series and each of the series is a wonder to play. Every different series of Clash of Clans can be unlocked in different levels. So, you only have to keep on challenging and playing the game.


Clash of Clans Tower bombs is basically a tower which is played in the defensive style in the game. The Tower is a defensive building which is unlocked in Level 8 and till then you have to keep playing. The main attack in this level is that the tower bomb has to attack the Wizard Tower.

The Tower Bomb can damage the ground troops and also deal with the splash damage. But, unlike the Wizard Tower, the Tower Bomb cannot throw air units to the Wizard Tower.

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If the health of the Tower is reduced to zero, then underneath the tower, the bomb will explode and it will be similar to the Giant Bomb and at this point, this level will come to an end.


  1. The Bomb Tower is totally unaffected by the air strategies that are being performed in the game.
  2. If the Bomb Tower of the enemy camp is being exposed in the game, then you can send a small troop who can take out the enemy base, all due to low points.
  3. In the offensive strategy of the Clash of Clans Tower Bombs, deploying a Tank unit can do less damage and help in soaking of the damage.
  4. 4×2 empty spaces near Tower Bombs is something to look out for and this should not be missed.


  1. The defensive strategy should be placed in those points where you can find ground troops. The Air defences of both Tower Giant and Tower Bomb, help to complement each other and they are used to cut each other’s weaknesses.
  2. This strategy is also used to mortar if the towers are used in some other place than the current place. The Tower Bomb is also used to cover the blind spot if both of them are placed next to each other.
Clash of Clans Tower bombs
Clash of Clans Tower bombs


  1. The Tower Bomb is an update of 2016 game.
  2. This is the shortage range in the game which consists of 6 tiles.
  3. The Clash of Clans Tower Bombs is inspired by the Clash Royale.
  4. The death damage is also inspired by the Clash Royale.

This level is a superb one and the graphics and design of the game make it even more worthwhile.

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