Clash of Clans Archer

Archery is loved by one and all as a game and this is a good opportunity for all those who are interested in clash of clans game to get an electronic method of playing archery.

Clash of Clans Archer

Clash of Clans Archer is a female lead who has sharp eyes and she wears a hood. She wears a short belt and she is known to shoot a gold short bow on the left hand and a golden band on both of the upper arms. The main aim of the game is that there is no definite direction in which the archer would shoot arrows. But, rather the archers can shoot to the closest building that they find near them.

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Clash of Clans Archer is a sure shot winner because of its visual displays and creativity with which the game is made.

Clash of Clans Archer
Clash of Clans Archer


  1. In the very beginning of the game, the hair of the archer remains pink and there are pink feathers in the bow with which she shot her arrows.
  2. After you cross level 3 and 4, the archer’s hair turns purple and the arrows get flaming and she shoots fire.
  3. In Clash of Clans Archer, after you cross level 4, in Level 5, her hair turns pink again but the difference is that she wears a hood in this level. In this level, the arrows become lightning and beautiful.
  4. In level 6, hair of the archer turns purple again and it also gets longer. She also wears a tiara and the arrows get purple fetching.
  5. There are 7 levels in this game and in the last level, she also gets a crystal on her tiara and her fabric gets lined with golden fabric. There is gold attached to her at this level and the archer shines to the best of her.


  1. The archer carries with her a small pouch from which she gets her arrows and water. That small pouch provides her with many supplies.
  2. The maximum number of archers you can have at one time is 240 archers to complete a single set of Army Camp.
  3. Clash of Clans Archer is the only troop along with the Giants and Barbarians which can reach Level 7 after crossing all the hardships in the way.
  4. The archers can be destroyed simply with a single shot by the Mortar. But, in Level 7, one needs a Mortar Fire to kill archers.

Kids love this game and they can spend hours playing this game. This game is all about how many buildings you can climb to win the game.

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